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5 Tips On Hosting A College Party That Will Have You Voted The Party Queen

5 Tips On Hosting A College Party That Will Have You Voted The Party Queen

Studying is a big part of the college experience. There's no arguing, however, that partying well is a big priority for some of the most diligent college students around, too. If you want to throw a college party that's one for the record books, then you should plan everything carefully. These five pointers can help you put together a college party that's memorable, thrilling and satisfying.

1. Plan Your Outfit With Great Care

What good is a party that doesn't involve style? It's imperative to plan your party outfit well. If you want your look to epitomize glam, then you should concentrate on college party dresses that are fashionable, comfortable and cool simultaneously. Don't pick your dress randomly. Look into all of the finest vintage and lace dresses out there. Dresses that have sleeves can introduce a feeling of class and sophistication. White lace dresses can make you look and feel like a doll. Nostalgic dresses that were made in the twenties or forties can give your party a spirited and retro atmosphere. Vintage dresses that are short can make you look and feel flirty, feminine and timeless.

Do you want to jazz up your party look? Look for a dress that features sparkling sequins. Look for a dress that's made out of fabrics and materials that are sturdy yet visually appealing and unforgettable. Tulle and chiffon are just two examples of materials that can be ideal for all kinds of college party vibes.

1. Plan Your Outfit With Great Care

2. Zero in on Cosmetics Choices

Makeup that's trendy can make you look like the Belle of the ball. You can make your outfit pop with the assistance of the right cosmetics. If you want to rock a striking party makeup look, you can try your hand at cat eyes that are metallic. Just make sure to practice your liquid eyeliner application skills.

Few makeup styles are better for college parties than smoky eyes. If you combine heavy eyeliner and eyeshadow application in an intense black tone, you should be good to go. Make sure you get your hands on makeup products that aren't at all prone to fast and easy smudging.

Don't be afraid to put on glitter. College parties are supposed to be festive and lively experiences. That's why you shouldn't say no to putting colorful glitter around your eyes. You can even find an abundance of eyeshadow that already contain shimmering pieces of glitter.

College parties can be long and tiring. If you want to protect yourself from the headache of your lip color fading, you can try wearing a stain. Top-notch lip stain color tends to remain on the lips for hours and hours on end. If you want to spare yourself the hassles of constant lipstick reapplication, lip stain may be a nice game changer for you.

Just say "yes" to experimenting with bold makeup colors. A college party that doesn't involve any style risks may end up being pretty dull, after all. If you want to experiment with your college party makeup style, you should try wearing eyeshadow in an eye-catching color such as gold. Make sure you opt for an eyeshadow that has strong pigmentation for extra effect.

Zero in on Cosmetics Choices

3. Make Sure Your Hair Looks Runway-Ready

An unforgettable hairstyle can give you a surge of confidence that can make you the life of any college party. Don't show up to your anticipated college party with hair that's flat, limp and boring. Try interesting, cool and enduring hairstyles. It may be thrilling to show up to a party with a gorgeous French braid. It may be even more thrilling to show up with a fishtail braid ponytail. This look is a favorite thanks to the unadulterated sophistication it brings to the table.

What other hairstyles can work for college parties? If you're on the lookout for a hairstyle that's a bit more casual yet equally appealing and cool, you can opt for sultry waves and large curls.

Are your tresses long and luxurious? Think about wowing all of the college party guests with a wavy chignon. If you want to rock this hairstyle, you should use a dependable volumizing gel, hairspray and sturdy boar-bristle brush.

3. Make Sure Your Hair Looks Runway-Ready

4. Plan Your Menu

Excellent food can make any party all the more satisfying for guests. Parties that are devoid of tasty snacks, appetizers and more can make guests feel uncomfortable. You should go above and beyond to plan a college party menu that ticks off all of your boxes. If you're not in the mood to tackle ambitious meal preparation all by yourself, you should think about making the fiesta a potluck that has a theme. You may want to ask all of your buddies to bring mouthwatering baked goods or desserts in general.

If you're planning a particularly big college party, hiring a catering company may be optimal. Try to make your menu as varied as possible, too. Your goal should be to accommodate as many taste buds and dietary requirements as possible. Make a point to give guests plenty of yummy gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan food choices.

Plan Your Menu

5. Give Your College Party Guests Entertainment

Terrific entertainment can complete any college party. If you want to keep things budget-friendly, you can put together an excellent music playlist that consists of all of the most upbeat and energetic dance floor tunes. You may have friends who are entertainers, too. If you're friends with a band that performs covers, you may want to ask them for a favor. It can even be a wonderful idea to recruit a comedian to perform a hilarious standup routine.

5. Give Your College Party Guests Entertainment

Conclusion - Have a Total Blast

Remember that college parties are supposed to be fun and exciting events. They're all about meeting brand new people, strengthening existing friendships and relaxing. If you want to enjoy the best college party possible, you should make sure that you concentrate on all of these things that matter the most on the planet.