Custom & Import Tax

Customs is the government agency responsible for regulating goods entering a country or region. All goods entering or leaving a country or region must be cleared first. Customs clearance and payment of relevant duties are always the responsibility of the buyer.

We do not increase taxes, VAT or other hidden charges. You pay us according to the price we mark on the website, that is, goods subtotal + shipping.

However, in most countries, you have to pay taxes or duties on imported goods. Sometimes goods below a certain value or in a certain category are not taxed.

The rules are different in every country. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know the rules, regulations, customs, traditions, practices, loopholes, plans, systems, paperwork, norms, laws or rulings of each country.

Therefore, we cannot and will not give advice on taxation in your country. As the buyer, it is your responsibility to know this information before placing an order.

If you have to pay import duty and/or additional duty and sales tax, then you must pay the Courier when you receive the package. We can't calculate it for you, and we can't pay in advance. If you are drop-shipping or sending a gift to someone, make sure they are aware that taxes may be payable upon receipt of the item.

Please find out as much as you can about the import taxes in your country/region before completing your order. If you find information about the import duty situation in your country/territory and you think there are ways to minimize the tax you have to pay (or get rid of it altogether), simply tell us what you need, customs declaration, invoice, etc by placing instructions (regarding labelling, packaging). We are only too happy to follow your instructions.


Q: If the goods are detained by the customs, who is responsible for the clearance of the goods?
A: If the goods are detained by the customs after leaving the country of the seller, the buyer is responsible for customs clearance.

Q: If a very large order is delivered to my country, will customs detain my order?
A: Yes, it's a possibility. We recommend that you ask us in advance to split your order into several smaller parcels and ship them on different dates to avoid possible seizure.

Q: Who is responsible if there is a tariff?
A: The buyer is responsible for any customs charges that may be collected from the delivery. How import duties are levied depends on the customs policies of each country/region.

Q: Is there a link to view tax policy? 
A: You can view tax and customs information on this third party website.