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8 Timeless Fabrics for Affortable Prom Dresses that Look Expensive

8 Timeless Fabrics for Affortable Prom Dresses that Look Expensive

Picking a prom dress can feel quite overwhelming. If you narrow down your choices in fabrics, however, you may be able to simplify your search considerably. It can be smart to zero in on enduring and classic materials that appear luxurious but that are actually pretty reasonably priced.


Chiffon is a sheer material that's a staple in the prom dress world. This visually appealing fabric, first and foremost, hangs nicely on the physique. It can accommodate dyes without issue. Silk chiffon is a particularly strong choice for dyes. That's due to the fact that its fibers can take in significant amounts of color. Hand washing is optimal for cleaning chiffon. Opt for mild soap and water that's cool.

Elastic Satin

Elastic or stretch satin is a beloved prom dress material that's remarkably tough and resilient. It has a soft texture. It's not vulnerable to unsightly fading and can hold on to color without issue. You can wash elastic satin using your hands in a light and non-aggressive fashion. This type of satin is remarkably delicate, after all. Make sure to go for a soap or a detergent that's mild rather than harsh.


Lace is a fabric that has the ability to highlight the contours of any figure amazingly well. If you want to look smashing and shapely in your prom gown, lace may be the ideal material for you. Lace also has the distinction of being a particularly versatile fabric. You can easily find lace prom dresses in all different colors, styles and lengths. It's a material that can flatter all kinds of body types. It doesn't matter if you're long and lean, voluptuous, athletic or anything else. Going for a lace prom dress may be a rock-solid choice for you.

If you want to clean lace clothing, hand washing can work like a charm. Use water that's cold. Mix a bit of soap into it. Rub the blend onto the material in a consistent manner. Let the lace immerse in the blend for about half an hour. Rinse it thoroughly after that.

Floral Backless Lace Prom Dresses


There are so many things that make polyester an alluring prom dress fabric. It's an alluring fabric in general. Polyester consists of fibers that are simultaneously light and sturdy in feel. This material is not vulnerable at all to unsightly and noticeable wrinkling. It maintains its original shape effectively. Its fibers respond to dyes without dilemma. Polyester dries rapidly as well. If you want to go for a prom dress that's not susceptible to staining, polyester may work out in your favor. You can put polyester in your washing machine. You can wash it by hand all the same. If you put it in your washer, you can use either warm or cold water for the cycle.


Satin boasts a deluxe vibe that's optimal for prom flair. This is a fabric that's accessible in a broad assortment of styles and colors. It's especially hard-wearing as well. If you want to dance for hours in a prom dress that's tough and in no sense vulnerable to damage, satin may be the material for you. Satin is a fabric that enables people to move freely and easily for extended stretches of time. This can be excellent for folks who want to be able to dance nonstop on prom night.


Tulle is a powerhouse in the prom dress universe for a couple of big reasons. Tulle is a material that has a light feel. If you want to dodge prom dress materials that are stuffy and overly heavy, this one may make you grin. Although tulle has an appearance that's somewhat "flimsy" and delicate, it's not at all weak. It's actually a fabric that can tolerate a lot. It's also not a fabric that's prone to irritating thinning out. If you want to clean a dress that's made using tulle, you can use your hands. You can use water that's pleasantly cool. Go for a mild detergent. Make sure you never give aggressive bleaches or detergents the chance to come into contact with a tulle gown.

Silk Like Satin

It may be a terrific idea to choose a prom dress that's made of satin that was produced using silk exclusively. This kind of satin has breathability on its side. It's similar to materials that were produced using fibers that are 100 percent natural in that sense. If you want to clean silk satin fabric in an effective and safe way, you should utilize your hands. Use a mild soap and cold water as well.

Sweetheart Satin Sleeveless Prom Dresses


Velvet is an example of a gorgeous and sophisticated material that's been a staple in the prom dress scene for a long span of time. People gravitate to velvet clothing pieces for a plenitude of logical reasons. Velvet has a texture that's nice and soft. It feels great to touch. Velvet has an appearance that's refined and practically regal. Wearing velvet can be optimal for people who want to relax, too. If you want to avoid prom dress fabrics that may make you feel awkward and stuffy, you should look into velvet and all of its features without hesitation.

You can wash a velvet prom gown using your hands. Washing machines can sometimes negatively interfere with the appearance and texture of velvet items. Use a soap that's mild. Use water that's cold, too.

Remember that you don't necessarily have to tackle your velvet prom dress washing duties all by your lonesome. If you want to safeguard your velvet gown from all kinds of issues, you can even go for dry cleaning. Make a point to assess the tags on your velvet clothing pieces prior to making any and all cleaning decisions.

Conclusion - Be Thorough

You deserve to look and feel great during prom. That's why you should never rush through the process of comparing all of the amazing and economical prom gown fabrics that are available to you nowadays.